Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice programs prepare students for careers in such areas as law or the administration of justice. Students learn about law enforcement, judicial process, juvenile justice, corrections, and criminal law. Because the law reflects the society from which it originates, students who choose this discipline study a wide range of broader subjects outside of the realm of criminal justice. This may include psychology, history, sociology, and political science, and it makes for a very well-rounded education that can prepare graduates form a wide range of careers.

The field of criminal justice is growing and includes study in the areas of police, corrections, and criminology. Many programs feature some type of internship option in which students get the chance to work alongside criminal justice professionals and gain practical experience. Curricula emphasize critical thinking and problem solving throughout the course of study. Ares of specialization may include criminal justice systems, administration of justice, legal studies, and political economy.

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Criminal Justice Degree

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