Counseling Psychology Programs

Counseling Psychology programs provide the foundation for students to become practicing professional counselors. Programs typically focus on the development of skills, intensive coursework, and field experiences. Practical skills development is a top priority, but a base of theoretical knowledge is also important. Students experience clinical placement and get the chance to work with many different populations from children to the elderly. They develop their skills of critical analysis and intervention. They also get the added benefit of increased self-awareness, as well as an understanding of the ethics involved in the profession.

There are many specific subjects in which students can specialize. Some examples of these include biculturalism, computer applications, community agencies, supervision of counselors, discourse analysis, family counseling, adolescent counseling, career development, applied cognitive psychology, and counseling the gifted. Students gain a far-reaching appreciation of the ways in which individuals adapt to the crises, problems, and challenges of daily life.

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Counseling Psychology Programs

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