General Psychology Degrees

General psychology programs are designed to provide students with fundamental and well-rounded knowledge in the field of psychology. Students can survey the major specializations within the field, including social, developmental, behavioral neuroscience, comparative, industrial, clinical, and cognitive psychology. Instructors aim to help students to more fully understand human behavior from simple to complex social situations. They examine such topics as perception, personality, and psycholinguistics. Psychology is very interdisciplinary and can be used either as an undergraduate focus or a supplement to other education.

This course of study may be ideal for a liberal arts student who desires a higher level of self-understanding and the tools to understand the behavior of other people. It may also form the basis of education for students planning on entering professions such as business, law, education, and medicine. Undergraduate work can prepare students to enter graduate programs in psychology and continue their in-depth research. Regardless of the reasons for studying psychology, students in this discipline can learn to better understand how we perceive, process, and respond to information in our daily lives.

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General Psychology Degrees

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