Industrial Psychology Programs

Industrial Psychology programs provide students with the knowledge they need to quantify human behavior within industrial environments. They learn consultative and diagnostic skills that they can apply to areas of job analysis and evaluation, performance appraisal, survey technology, training systems, personnel selection and testing, and organizational behavior. Students learn skills they can apply to the world of business as well as the necessary research methods and theories. Many programs complement theory and practice with internship programs that allow students to gain real-world experience in the field.

Programs begin by helping students develop the foundations necessary to learn the theory, skills, and techniques they need to be successful. They learn how to problem solve in the workplace, and they seek to contribute to the general knowledge base of psychology. They focus on the behavior of individuals in the workplace and how to improve that behavior. Graduate programs have formal research requirements that must be met, and they usually involve internship components as well.

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Industrial Psychology Programs

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