School Psychology Programs

School Psychology programs prepare students to work to increase the academic and social success of children and youth by working with children, families, other professionals, and the larger community in which children live. Students come to appreciate the significance of environmental influences, as well as cultural and individual differences. They learn about the ethics involved in the profession and how to design the best methods for improving the academic and social experience of children and adolescents within the school environment. They learn how to promote prevention and wellness in children and their families.

Students in these programs are trained to become scientists as well as practitioners, striking a balance between psychological theory and application of psychological knowledge. Most programs involve extensive individual mentoring by faculty and staff. Students are prepared to effectively solve problems using scientific inquiry and to communicate and work effectively with a wide variety of other professionals. They may specialize in such areas as school systems or health delivery systems. They develop a broad range of knowledge and skills.

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School Psychology Programs

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