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Social Work programs prepare students to become generalist practitioners who have a strong liberal arts background and a specialization in the area of social work. Students take courses in such subjects as human behavior, social environments, social welfare, research, social work techniques, and field instruction. Students are exposed to the general values of social work and the ethics involved in the effective practice of the profession. Students learn the skills they need to be able to intervene with individuals, groups, families, and communities.

Many programs are multidisciplinary in nature and include coursework in such subjects as biology, psychology, sociology, and social policy. They may be able to specialize further in the field by studying victimization, substance abuse, poverty, or social marginalization. Students get the chance to practice social work in many different types of supervised settings. They work with various populations, such as ethnic and racial minorities, the poor, immigrants, single parents, gays and lesbians, and those addicted to drugs.

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Social Work Schools

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