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Repair and Mechanic programs include training in such areas as electronic equipment installation, energy installation, engine and automotive repair, HVAC, and industrial equipment maintenance. Automotive technology programs are becoming increasingly common as the field becomes more and more complex. Students in these programs typically receive a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on, practical experience in automotive technology. Programs may range from 6 months to 2 years in length. Many community college programs also include an element of general education, including English, math, and computers.

Students in electronic equipment training programs usually are exposed to a curriculum that combines employability skills with customer service and stress management techniques. This is because so many workers in this field spend a great deal of time communicating with customers. Programs typically cover such topics as diagnosis and repair of basic equipment like word processors, min-computers, and microprocessors. They also learn about medical electronic equipment like blood gas analyzers and electrocardiographs.

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Repair And Mechanic Schools

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