HVAC Training

HVAC programs prepare students to design, install, maintain, and repair systems that provide heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning to buildings and other structures. All programs focus on basic safety that applies to the HVAC work settings. Students learn about hazard communication, personal protective equipment, personal safety, electrical lockout, fire extinguishers, compressed gas safety, back protection, and hazardous materials. They may specialize in controls training, which emphasizes networked, industrial HVAC systems, human interfaces, software systems, and generic control theory.

Other students may choose to specialize in design training, which focuses on preparing professionals like contractors, system specialists, marketing personnel, and power representatives to use comfort air-conditioning systems. Students learn the various systems and types of tonnage range for those systems. They also learn electronic selection and how to use design tools. Students may also specialize in service training, which prepare them for careers as service technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel.

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HVAC Training

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