Recreation And Hospitality Management Training

Recreation and Hospitality Management programs teach students how to supervise and manage employees in a wide variety of hospitality and recreation companies. Those studying recreation management learn to become leaders and plan, organize, and manage activities that meet the demand of various populations. They also learn to serve as liaisons between directors of parks or recreation centers and other supervised leaders. They may become specialized in a particular type of recreation, overseeing such activities as aquatics, gymnastics, or performing arts. They learn to develop and manage comprehensive recreation programs in many different settings.

Those students who specialize in hospitality are exposed to a combination of theoretical and practical training that prepares them for a career in hospitality management. They develop an understanding of organizational strategy and the ability to analyze organizational processes. They learn to assess the impact of group and individual behavior on organizations within the industry. Students develop people management strategies and learn to appreciate the skills necessary to create high performance within the industry.

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Recreation And Hospitality Management Training

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