Travel And Tourism Schools

Travel and Tourism programs prepare students to enter a wide variety of occupations within the travel and tourism industries. They may get the opportunity to plan trips and meetings, scout locations, book reservations, insure travelers, guide tours, or consult with corporate clients. There are many areas of specialized training, including computer reservation systems, operations, procedures, modes of transportation, travel product marketing, leisure travel management, international travel, diversity management, and corporate travel management.

Students learn the science and the art of management, which can be applied to the travel and tourism industries, as well as many other industries. This opens up a wide array of career paths for graduates of these programs. Courses are interdisciplinary in nature, and they are focused on helping students develop the analytical abilities and critical thinking skills they need in order to be successful in the travel and tourism industries. Graduates have the opportunity to be part of one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world.

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Travel And Tourism Schools

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