Pastoral Counseling Degrees

Pastoral Counseling programs offer students the opportunity to combine theory and practice and the challenge of increasing their understanding of ministry. Modern counseling theory is combined with ministry practices with the goal of creating extremely competent pastoral counselors. Students learn how to counsel a wide range of individuals. They also learn how to generate initiative within local congregations, and to inspire the lay ministry within their denominations. Students graduate with an enhanced sense of professionalism and new ideas for volunteer work.

Programs combine a strong core of didactic courses with a component that is highly experiential in nature. Many programs offer students the chance to study a specific specialty within the discipline. They may study psychological theory, scientific research, or clinical practice. Graduates are prepared to offer therapeutic services to both individuals and groups. Programs focus on clinical techniques, psychological theory, and may prepare graduates to enter higher-level graduate programs.

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Pastoral Counseling Degrees

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